Deborah Kruger

Abstract Art About Endangered Birds & Endangered Languages

My new abstract artwork retains a fiber art sensibility despite being constructed from recycled, fused and sewn plastic bags.  The plastic feathers are screen printed with images of endangered birds and overprinted with text about species extinction including excerpts from Rachel Carson’s Silent Spring. This seminal work not only inspired a worldwide ecology movement, but also inspired my own ecologically conscious artwork and awareness about the perils of habitat fragmentation. Thousands of indigenous languages are at risk of becoming extinct. I have collected text in Purepecha from Michoacán, Zoque and Yakme from Chiapas and Yiddish and Ladino. I continue to be influenced by ceremonial art created by indigenous Amazonian artists whose ritual objects are often decorated with plumage. I’m inspired by innovative textile and mixed media artists including Olga de Amaral, El Anatsui and Rachid Koraïchi.

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