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The Advantages of a Private Consultation

Sometimes we all need a hand. Instead of struggling and then heading into a downward spiral, please consider scheduling a Private Consultation with me to address any creative issue that is getting in your way. I can help you sort through most problems related to your art career including persistent stumbling blocks and achieving professional goals (see suggestions below).  I have 25 years of experience leading artist workshops, support groups and working with individuals using deep listening and techniques from my background in Conflict Resolution and as a CEO. I would love the opportunity to help you move forward!


10am CST (11am EST; 9am MST; 8am PST)
10am CST (11am EST; 9am MST; 8am PST)
3pm CST (4pm EST; 2pm MST; 1pm PST)
4pm CST (5pm EST; 3pm MST; 2pm PST)

(If you live in another time zone, let’s find a time that will work for both of us)


♦ 1-hour Consultation $125.00

♦ Packages: Four 1-hour Consultations $440 (please email to reserve)

♦ Free 20-minute Trial $ 00

Most Requested Topics

Popular Professional Topics:

♦ Professional Goal setting and Next Steps
♦ Artist Statement, Biography,  CV, Bibliography
♦ Website, Newsletter, Social Media and Outreach strategy
♦ Website, Newsletter and Social Media copy
♦ Pricing artwork

♦ Other:Any other topic you wish to discuss

Popular Studio Topics:

♦ Studio Goal setting and Next Steps
♦ Time management
♦ Critique
♦ Creative blocks 
♦ Fears
♦ Affirmations

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