Deborah Kruger

Icelandic Textile Residency - Funding Campaign through Fractured Atlas

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I am incredibly honored to have been accepted to the Icelandic Textile Residency for the month of September 2024. Getting into residencies is extremely competitive and this one is just perfect for me.

This is not an endowed residency, so I need to raise $4,000 in order to attend. 

I was just approved for Fiscal Sponsorship by Fractured Atlas, which is an international non-profit based in New York. This association will enable me to accept tax deductible donations for various art related projects.

I can run a short term fundraising campaign, and my first one is to help me raise money so that I can attend the Iceland Textile Residency in September.

I haven’t had a break in two years and I think that this will be a powerful experience for me and my creative process. Thank you in advance for helping me get to this residency.

To read more about the Icelandic Textile Residency, please read this blog on my website:

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