“All my artwork is concerned with endangered birds and languages.”

SAQA Journal
2019 No.2

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“The best of art is a dialogue,” Kruger says. “It’s form and content. And I’m asking myself, ‘Am I making these connections well?’”

American Craft
January/December 2019

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“The exhibited work has internal languages … that refer to Kruger’s personal migration process … to Mexico. Turbulence…Vortex…Cambodia…are some of Kruger’s work titles alluding to the disappearance of birds.”

Opus Textile
August 8, 2018

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“True art is moral … it seeks to improve life, not debase it … it recovers what is necessary to our humanness.” In just this sense, Deborah brings both morality and aesthetic excellence to bear, as she poetically expresses the risk of humanity’s unwillingness to act.

Ojo del Lago
August 18, 2018

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“La artísta contemporaneá..abordará otros temas que son de su interés como la desaparición de las lenguas o dialectos, con la intención de crear conciencia en el espectador.”

August, 2018

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“I spend a lot of time thinking about the….delicate balance between making things that are simultaneously beautiful and meaningful.”


Quilting Arts Magazine
Feb/Mar 2009

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“Business, especially medical billing, is all about attention to detail and solving problems. The same goes for art.”

Sunday Republican
February 17. 2007

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“From a distance, the works created by Amherst textiles artist Deborah Kruger seem to blend together in their similar shapes, sizes and color schemes. Yet up close, they display details and patterns as if there were a conversation occurring amount the pieces”

Amherst Bulletin
March 21, 2003

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“Her medium is textiles and paint, which she fashions into triangle-shaped pieces that suggest forest colors and her interest in art from West Africa and the Amazon Basin.

Kruger’s interest in textiles grows out of her training as a textile designer at the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York.”

Springfield Republican
April 20, 2003

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