Fragmentation is long horizontal piece made in three sections that are each based on the map of San Luis Potosi, Mexico. In this state, there are many rainforests on the coastal area and clearcuts are threatening many bird species and indigenous languages. The feathers are made from plastic recycled bags screen printed with images of endangered birds and overprinted with text in endangered languages. Fragmentation will debut at Kruger’s solo exhibition at the Centro Cultural de Chapala also known as the Train Station Museum in May 2022.  

Medium: Screen printing on recycled plastic bags, sewing
Size: 76.5 x 169 x 4” Date: 2021

Photography: Carlos Diaz Corona

Fragmentation on Display

2021 Chapala Cultural Center Exhibition

My solo exhibition titled Turbulence: Birds, Beauty, Language & Loss opened on August 4, 2018 at the Chapala Cultural Center and we had a great turnout.

There were 10 new pieces on view in the main gallery and 6 older pieces in the smaller gallery where Miguel Mata’s new documentary ran on a continuous loop.

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