Deborah Kruger

Flight patterns: Deborah Kruger’s feathered work migrates worldwide

Artist in front of Redwing
Interview by Rachel Ellner
for the FIT School of Art and Design

I always give so much credit to Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT) in New York City for launching me as a fiber artist. It was with great delight that I welcomed Rachel Ellner to interview me for the FIT School of Art and Design Blog. I was able to give the school, my textile design professors and especially my late mentor, Miriam Kellogg Fredenthal their proper acknowledgments. 

“Choosing to use recycled materials brings attention to the waste and consumption that contribute to pollution and habitat fragmentation. These factors, along with climate change, are responsible for the drop in worldwide bird populations.”Deborah Kruger

Works featured in article:

Kimono 2
Ropa Pintada
Broken Vessel
Corona de Plumas

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