Deborah Kruger

Explore Art Magazine Interviews Deborah Kruger

Renee L. Rose takes a deep dive into Kruger’s Environmental Art

This one-hour interview with Chicago-based Explore Art Founder, Renee L. Rose, is a rich source of information about environmental artist Deborah Kruger. Ms. Rose leads the artist on a conversational journey that covers her early inspiration, her evolution as an environmental artist, key issues in her abstract artwork, and her upcoming exhibitions including a major solo show at the Block Gallery in Raleigh, North Carolina

My feathers are like mating plumage, they invite viewers into the work. Birds are iconic, they speak to freedom, movement, flight, migration, and adaptation. All the things we have to do to survive.”-  Deborah Kruger, Environmental Artist

There is a palpable  connection between the artist and the interviewer which draws out stories from Kruger’s life that are insightful and amusing. Listen to her talk about how her innate feminism and Jewish spirituality impact her art practice and how her lifelong interest in protecting endangered birds morphed into her unique textile installations made from her recycled plastic feathers.

I look at your work as very alive. I think your installations are beautiful. The signage helps the viewers get into the meaning.”  – Renee L. Rose, Publisher of Explore Art Magazine

Even if you are familiar with the artist, this artist interview will take you deeper into Kruger’s sources, passions and core beliefs that are evident in her monumental fiber artwork.

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