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Canvas Rebel Interviews Deborah Kruger

On-line magazine shines a light on creatives

Canvas Rebel is an on-line magazine that shines a light on creatives, their process, artwork and ideas. My colleague, abstract painter Dawn Taylor, in Durham, North Carolina, nominated me for this interview. Thank you, Dawn for demonstrating concrete ways for artists to support artists! 

When you are interviewed frequently, it can be a challenge to keep the content fresh and not continue talking about the same ideas. I loved the interview format at Canvas Rebel because they offered me unusual topics to respond to. 

In this article, you will read about risks I’ve taken, a discussion about what I would like folks in business to understand about us creatives, and clever ways to support artists instead of Amazon.

Link to interview in Canvas Rebel:

Link to Dawn Tayler:

Works by Deborah Kruger highlighted in article

Canvas Rebel-Avianto Installation
Canvas Rebel-Blue Triangle 1
Canvas Rebel-Corona de Plumas
Canvas Rebel- Kimono 2
Canvas Rebel- Ropa Arco Iris
Canvas Rebel- Red Vessel
Canvas Rebel-Red Feather Basket 2
Canvas Rebel- Red Wing
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