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Considering Art Podcast-Deborah Kruger, textile Artist

As a result of all the outreach surrounding my exhibition in Mexico City, Bob Chaundy found me and my artwork and asked to interview me on his Considering Art podcast. 

Bob is a former BBC news journalist who has also written art reviews for the Huffington Post UK. He is passionate about contemporary art. Beginning in 2020, he spent the first year of lockdown in England interviewing artists, especially those who he felt deserved more recognition. His podcast Considering Art combines his interests in broadcasting and contemporary art.

I could tell from the outset that Bob had done his homework and was thorough in reviewing my website, abstract art and documentary. He even cared about pronouncing my name correctly, which completely endeared him to me (it’s pronounced D’bora).

Between Bob’s British accent and excellent editing abilities, I honestly have never heard myself sound so articulate! I hope you enjoy this audio interview as much as I do. I think he did an excellent job of presenting my art and ideas.

Listen to the inverview:

Deborah Kruger featured in the Considering Art Podcast

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