Deborah Kruger

Arte Morbida

Yet another article has come out about my solo exhibition Plumas at PRPG.MX gallery in Mexico City. This time @barbarapavan469 the editor of the esteemed Italian textile magazine ArteMorbida The article featured Accidentals, a mural,-sized piece on the cover of the article as well as a work in progress shot of me in the studio. I am gratified by all the attention the show is getting, much of it thanks to my talented PR guru Rodrigo Arciniega.

Plumas is’s premiere show in the newly expanded exhibition and residency space in Mexico City.
Deborah Kruger’s recent work focuses on the extinction of Mexican bird species, the death of Mexican indigenous languages, and the impacts of climate change on migration. Kruger uses the saturated Mexican colors which characterize her work to mimic bird plumage. She hopes to seduce her viewers, raise awareness, and inspire action about all that we are on the verge of losing.

You can read the entire article on the Arte Morbida site Deborah Kruger: Plumas – ArteMorbida