Deborah Kruger

The Guadalajara Reporter

Unique ‘Avianto’ exhibit explores endangered birds & human languages We artists love our visibility and I have been blessed with more than my fair share.  It was with surprise and pleasure that I read the latest review of my current exhibition Avianto by the new president of the ASA (Ajijic Society of the Arts) which […]

Considering Art Podcast-Deborah Kruger, textile Artist

As a result of all the outreach surrounding my exhibition in Mexico City, Bob Chaundy found me and my artwork and asked to interview me on his Considering Art podcast.  Bob is a former BBC news journalist who has also written art reviews for the Huffington Post UK. He is passionate about contemporary art. Beginning […]

Deborah Kruger’s inaugural solo exhibition in Mexico City on view at Proyectos Galería Making a Difference with Environmentally Conscious Art At this critical moment when we should all be in earnest dialogue about climate change – extinction, consumption and migration are at the forefront of Deborah Kruger’s environmentally conscious art. The international artist, who has […]

The Woven Tale Press

Making Your Own Feathers in Mexico   Woven Tale Press, a literary and fine art magazine, featured my artwork. You can read the article or see the entire magazine on their website. Follow them on-line @woventalepress and consider submitting your work! “Living in Mexico has definitely enabled me to make large-scale work and run the […]

Arte Morbida

Yet another article has come out about my solo exhibition Plumas at PRPG.MX gallery in Mexico City. This time @barbarapavan469 the editor of the esteemed Italian textile magazine ArteMorbida The article featured Accidentals, a mural,-sized piece on the cover of the article as well as a work in progress shot of me in the studio. […]

Art Spiel

Deborah Kruger’s inaugural solo exhibition in Mexico City on view at Proyectos Galería An article was published by Etty Yaniv who covers contemporary art for Art Spiel based in New York. I am so gratified by all the press coverage I am getting for my Plumas exhibition gallery in Mexico City. Although the show […]

Textile Curator Interview

I am honored to have a long interview and images of my new work featured on the Textile Curator blog.  The curator is Helen Adams, formerly of Australia and currently in Malaysia. Her mission is waking up the world to Contemporary Textile Art.  Her featured artists include many of the stars in the world of […]

Kruger featured in Art Textile/Fibre Arts

Fibre Arts Australia has just produced the inaugural issue of a new textile e-zine that includes work by some of the world’s most innovative artists working in contemporary textiles. Volume 1 of the Art Textile/Fibre Arts e-zine presents short artist statements and two page spreads with work by eighteen artists from Australia, North America and […]

SAQA Journal 2019 No.2

“All my artwork is concerned with endangered birds and languages.” 2019 No. 2SAQA JOURNAL READ ARTICLE

American Craft

A Different Feather “The best of art is a dialogue,” Kruger says. “It’s form and content. And I’m asking myself, ‘Am I making these connections well?’” JANUARY/DECEMBER 2019AMERICAN CRAFT READ ARTICLE