Kruger featured in Art Textile/Fibre Arts

Fibre Arts Australia has just produced the inaugural issue of a new textile e-zine that includes work by some of the world’s most innovative artists working in contemporary textiles. Volume 1 of the Art Textile/Fibre Arts e-zine presents short artist statements and two page spreads with work by eighteen artists from Australia, North America and […]

Textile Curator Interview

I am honored to have a long interview and images of my new work featured on the Textile Curator blog.  The curator is Helen Adams, formerly of Australia and currently in Malaysia. Her mission is waking up the world to Contemporary Textile Art.  Her featured artists include many of the stars in the world of […]

SAQA Journal 2019 No.2

“All my artwork is concerned with endangered birds and languages.” 2019 No. 2SAQA JOURNAL READ ARTICLE

American Craft

A Different Feather “The best of art is a dialogue,” Kruger says. “It’s form and content. And I’m asking myself, ‘Am I making these connections well?’” JANUARY/DECEMBER 2019AMERICAN CRAFT READ ARTICLE

Ojo del Lago

Focus on Art “True art is moral … it seeks to improve life, not debase it … it recovers what is necessary to our humanness.”   In just this sense, Deborah brings both morality and aesthetic excellence to bear, as she poetically expresses the risk of humanity’s unwillingness to act.AUGUST 2019OJO DEL LAGO READ ARTICLE


Deborah Kruger, Artista invitada del Tercer Festival Sincronico en Chapala “La artísta contemporaneá..abordará otros temas que son de su interés como la desaparición de las lenguas o dialectos, con la intención de crear conciencia en el espectador.” AUGUST, 2018PAGINA READ ARTICLE

Quilting Arts Magazine

IN THE SPOTLIGHT: Deborah Kruger “I spend a lot of time thinking about the….delicate balance between making things that are simultaneously beautiful and meaningful.” FEBRUARY/MARCH 2009QUILTING ARTS MAGAZINE READ ARTICLE


A Transformation of the materials “…outstanding art requires a transformation of the materials so that the piece becomes a unique alchemy of what it is made from combined with your vision.” APRIL/MAY, 2014TEXTILE ARTIST READ ARTICLE

The Guadalajara Reporter

Fiber Artist`s Deep Concern for Endangered Birds “In the United States I could never afford a studio, full-time assistant and six additional studio technicians.” DECEMBER, 2017THE GUADALAJARA REPORTER READ THE ARTICLE

Textile Fibre Forum

An Interview with Deborah Kruger “Surround yourself with inspiring people who believe in you, spend time looking at art that makes you quiver. Aim high in the studio and out in the world.” DECEMBER , 2014TEXTILE FIBER FORUM READ PAGE 1 READ PAGE 2