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A New Home for Accidentals and Ropa Pintada

In a year full of sales, shows and prizes, here’s the best news yet. My favorite contemporary art museum in New York City, the Museum of Art & Design (MAD), has acquired two of my environmental artworks. The mural titled Accidentals and the huipil-inspired Ropa Pintada will be moving to their new home in New York in 2023. 

MAD thrilled to consider acuisition

I’m sure you are asking yourself, how did this happen? While I am not at liberty to share ALL the details, I can tell you that a big supporter of my artwork also directs a charity. She suggested that the charity buy the work and donate it to the museum. Having never done a transaction like this, I wrote to Elissa Auther, Ph.D., the Chief Curator and Deputy Director of Curatorial Affairs, to inquire about how this all works. I had been introduced to her by another New York curator just before Covid struck. 

To my delight, Dr. Auther replied right away and put me in touch with the Collections Curator. She told me that MAD would be thrilled to be considered for the acquisition. Over the next six months, I learned a lot about how a museum acquires work. And I had the opportunity to discuss which pieces MAD would like to have. 


Museum of Art and Design:

Elissa Auther, Chief Curator and Deputy Director of Curatorial Affairs

Instagram: @eauther

Watch for the 4-year exhibition in 2024

My donors wanted MAD to choose work that would be on display. While this is not always something a museum can assure, in my case, Dr. Auther was particularly interested in Accidentals because it is such a large piece and the museum has the space to show it to great effect. Ropa Pintada made the cut because as an Art & Design Museum, MAD periodically has exhibitions with garment and fashion themes and there would be future opportunities to include this piece.

In May 2024, MAD will mount a 4-year exhibition with rotating displays of their New Acquisitions. My work will be on view as part of this exciting new show. I will keep you informed about this show as it takes shape. You can be sure that my Metro-New York friends and family will be on hand to celebrate with me.

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