Deborah Kruger

Homeland Wins Award at International Fiber IX

Sebastopol Center for the Arts Sebastopol, California

Once again, I am honored to be included in International Fiber Arts IX, an international fiber show at the Sebastopol Center for the Arts on the coast of northern California. My piece, Homeland won a Merit Award and was also the piece chosen for the cover of the exhibition pamphlet and for the postcard announcing the show. I found out that my work was a unanimous choice for all three jurors which was extremely affirming. Let me tell you about the jurors, who are all thought leaders in the international fiber world.

Homeland: 2019, 40 X 49 X 4”, screen-printing on fused plastic bags, sewing, waxed linen thread, wire thread

Janet deBoer is the editor of FIBRE FORUM e-bulletin and the former editor of Textile Fibre Forum, the pre-eminent fiber magazine of Australia. I was honored to be featured in this magazine in 2014. (Scroll down to the fourth Interview 

Jori Johnson is a felt artist living in Japan. She also has a lecturing post in the Textile Design Department of the Kyoto University of Art and Design.

Gerhardt Knodel, practicing artist and former Director of Cranbrook Academy of Arts fiber arts program in Michigan, one of the oldest fiber programs in the US.

International Fiber Arts IX is a biennial that features 61 international artists who exemplify contemporary concepts for the use of traditional and unusual materials.


The first place winner was Eszter Bornemisza for her piece Inner Mapping. Eszter is a fiber artist living in Budapest, Hungary who creates wall-hangings, installations and objects from the ubiquitous material of waste newspaper and cloth.


Second place went to Steve Donegan for Garden Phase Cellular Division. Steve uses images from photography, drawing and painting that he redraws and converts into digital files that interface with a computerized Jacquard loom.


Third place was awarded to Janice Lessman-Moss for #475, another weaver whose abstract and patterned work is also woven on a Jacquard loom.

Although I couldn’t make this opening, my brother Richard Kruger and his wife, the ceramic artist Lisanne Gollub, we’re able to attend.