Deborah Kruger

“Deborah Kruger’s inspiration is taken from bird migrational patterns.  Kruger’s work is a story, interwoven with beauty, glamour and a social conscience.


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Zoneone Arts, September 2018

ARTIST: Deborah Kruger


“The artist Deborah Kruger uses her creativity to understand the world around her, specifically the natural world, its problems in trying to adapt to enforced changes by humans, and ultimately the shifts that are forced on ourselves through those changes.”

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The Textile Blog, July 2018

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Fiber artist`s deep concern for endangered birds


“In the United States I could never afford a studio, full-time assistant and six additional studio technicians.”

Guadalajara Reporter, December 2017

An Interview with Deborah Kruger

“Surround yourself with inspiring people who believe in you, spend time looking at art that makes you quiver. Aim high in the studio and out in the world.”

 Textile Fibre Forum December 2014

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A Transformation of the materials

“…outstanding art requires a transformation of the materials so that the piece becomes a unique alchemy of what it is made from combined with your vision.”

Textile  April/May 2014

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