Deborah Kruger

Amherst Bulletin

Leave your analytical side by the door “From a distance, the works created by Amherst textiles artist Deborah Kruger seem to blend together in their similar shapes, sizes and color schemes. Yet up close, they display details and patterns as if there were a conversation occurring amount the pieces” MARCH 21, 2003AMHERST BULLETIN READ ARTICLE

Sunday Republican

Creative side drives businesswoman, artist “Business, especially medical billing, is all about attention to detail and solving problems. The same goes for art.” FEBRUARY 17, 2007SUNDAY REPUBLICAN READ ARTICLE

My New Merch Project

Designing Merchandise using my Art. Even though I am enjoying a lot of visibility these days (I was in five exhibitions this year!) sales are slow and like most artists, I need a steady revenue stream to support my habit. 

Textile Fibre Forum Interview

Soon after we selected Louise Saxton, our first resident artist from Australia (see our interview, we were contacted by Janet deBoer, the publisher of Textile Fibre Forum, the premier fiber publication in Australia. Janet wanted to do an article about Louise in the context of her upcoming residency. A nice email exchange ensued, during which […]