Deborah Kruger

Terra inFirma at the Bernard Heller Museum

I feel privileged to have my piece Harbinger included in the climate-themed show opening at the inaugural exhibition at the new Dr. Bernard Heller Museum located at Hebrew Union College Museum near NYU in New York City.

Harbinger, 2018, 42 x 53 x 1”, screen-printing on fused plastic bags, sewing
Laura Kruger, curator of Hebrew Union College – Jewish Institute of Religion

The exhibition, curated by Laura Kruger (no relation), focuses on climate change and global warning through the lens of Jewish values and contemporary social activism.  Laura Kruger explains, “According to our tradition, God created the earth and we are instructed to tend it and preserve it for future generations. It is our responsibility as the earth’s stewards to take action and effect positive change.”

Harbinger, Detail
Drawing of the Bengal Florican done during my artist residency in France, 2016

Harbinger, takes the shape of Cambodia as its form (a country considered extremely vulnerable to climate change) and last remaining habitat of the remarkably beautiful and nearly extinct Bengal Florican. My mixed media work using fused plastic bags screen-printed with images of endangered bird and languages, addresses the sharp decline in bird species as a result of habitat destruction, much of it caused by climate change and deforestation.

Like the other 65 artists in this show, I am haunted by spector of extinction and I join this talented group of artists who are all using their art to address climate change and contribute to Tikkun Olam, the healing of our planet.

I will be at the opening reception on Thursday September 6, 2018 from 5:30 – 7:30pm. If you are in the metro-New York area, please consider attending the opening and saying hello (you will need ID to be admitted). Laura Kruger has designed a beautiful catalogue for the show.

Aileen Bassis. Submerged City: Manhattan, 2018
Artist with curator, Laura Kruger and her son, Jonah Okun