Deborah Kruger

Spring Small Works Collection

Affordable Art for your home or office 

My Small Works Collection seems to have struck a chord! When I posted it for the first time in December, four pieces sold right away! 

The genesis of this collection was making my environmental art affordable to folks who want to live with it. The Spring Small Works Collection is dedicated to showing you my new intimately-scaled body of affordable abstract pieces that would look great in your home or office.

Prices range from $125 – $900 for most of the pieces, and they are available for purchase online. Check out my latest Small Works Collection page on my website. 

The collection includes several new pieces that are smaller versions of artwork inspired by traditional women’s clothing like Kimono from South Korea and Japan and Huipils that are hand woven and worn by indigenous women in Mexico and Guatemala.

Here are some descriptions of the new pieces:

Mini Huipil 1 is a smaller version of Ropa Arco Iris. Where Ropa Arco Iris is priced at $8,000, the new Mini Huipil is imminently affordable at $800, 90% less! It is up to the buyer as to whether Mini Huipil 1 should be framed or hung directly on the wall. 

MINI HUIPIL 1-Size: 26 x 22 x 2“
ROPA ARCO IRIS-Size: 53 X 45 X 2″

Petit Kimono 1 is a little sister to Kimono 2 (both pictured here). These kimono-inspired forms both feature largely white feathers and a blaze of color down the center of the piece. Petit Kimono is 76% less than Kimono 2 with our March Discount! 

PETIT KIMONO 1-Size: 31 x 21 x 2“
KIMONO 2-Size: 59 X 39 X 2″

Black Feather Breastplate features a neckpiece made with small circular feathers, creating a contrast with the cascade of long black tail feathers. I’m in the midst of building a new series featuring black feathers. Black Feather Breastplate offers you a peek at this new body of work and is currently discounted 20% through the end of March using Discount Code: Marchmadness


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