Deborah Kruger

Small Works Collection by Deborah Kruger

Affordable Art for your home or office

Although I frequently post blogs about my larger abstract pieces, I also make lots of smaller artwork that is quite affordable. Check out my new Small Works Collection page on my website. This page is dedicated to showing you my new intimately-scaled collection of pieces that would look great in your home or office.

Prices range from $125 – $900 for most of the pieces, and they are available for purchase online.

Plumas 1 incorporates innovative design for easy shipping

Plumas 1 is featured on the small works page. This is the first piece that incorporates a zipper. You can’t see the zipper unless you look hard, but it allows for easy shipping because I can fit the piece in a smaller box.

Triangles embody the mind, body and spirit connection

Also featured are several of my triangular pieces. Years ago, I made a lot of triangular work and I have recently started to make them again since triangles are such an appealing form. Triangles embody the mind, body and spirit connection and also symbolize the cycle of life. They are a powerful, beautiful and meaningful form.

Two of the newest triangles are Gold Feather Triangle 2 and White Feather Triangle 1. Both of these new pieces use scraps of my signature feathers made from recycled plastic. Click on these pieces to learn the backstory. For a small piece, Gold Feather Triangle 2 has a lot of visual drama and for a more serene piece, you might prefer, White Feather Triangle 1, which is part of my on-going white series.

Black Circle and Gold Circle are very affordable works that stand alone or would look great as a set. They are good example about how I recycle my own work by using leftovers from my larger pieces to create these small, round feathers. These pieces were inspired by my visit to see the Pyramid of the Sun in Mexico City.

If you have champagne taste and a beer budget, I recommend buying one of my Glicee prints for $125 – 175. I started printmaking two years ago and it’s been exciting to explore my themes about endangered birds in a new medium. Aviary 1 and Reddish Egret contain images from my portfolio of bird drawings. 

Seasonal holidays, birthdays and anniversaries are important events.
Choose an unforgettable gift for someone very special in your life.

If you don’t see something that is just right, consider a commission. I would be delighted to collaborate and build a unique piece of art with you. Let’s talk! I would love to hear from you, Contact me (be sure to select commission as the subject line).

I will keep adding to this collection, so stay tuned for more new work coming soon.