Deborah Kruger

I have been mesmerized by the artwork by Olga de Amaral for over 30 years. I first encountered this Colombian artist at Bella Artes Gallery in Santa Fe.  I wandered in was instantly captivated by Olga’s work, which like El Anatsui, is a fusion of painting, sculpture and fiber.

Her work has evolved from wall hung weaving to installation and more recently, painting with gold leaf that she calls “golden surfaces of light”. Her abstract pieces are often monochromatic leaving viewers to focus on her magnificent surfaces and the range of emotions they inspire.

A wonderful video on her website allows us into both her process and sources of inspiration, mostly in nature and centered in Latin American culture. I love seeing some of the behind the scenes work in her studio, the environment where she works and her team of artisans.

Her work in the last ten years is the most exciting of her career making her a fantastic role model of what an art practice can look like in ones 80s. Olga’s ability to transform the humble craft of weaving into glorious abstract works with dazzling surfaces is thrilling. Her work is profound and brave and spiritual; what we all reach for.