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Lynda Benglis

Lynda Benglis

For years, I have followed and enjoyed the fluid, voluptuous, abstract sculptures of Lynda Benglis. In the summer of 2016, I visited the new Museum of the Baroque/Museo Internacional del Barroco in Puebla, Mexico wanting to see the soaring design by the famous Japanese Architect Toyo Ito.  Imagine my surprise as I walked into the contemporary wing and encountered a spectacular show by Lynda Benglis!

This major exhibition, titled Cuerpos, Materia y Alma, is her first show in Latin America. While the museum sports an enormous collection of baroque paintings, furniture and decoration, the inclusion of Benglis’s work in the contemporary wing makes abundant sense since her sculptures are often gaudy and sparkling, influenced in part by the Mardi Gras culture of her Louisiana childhood. Using latex, polyurethane and other industrial materials, Benglis has always been on the cutting edge of experimental materials. Her lifelong interest in forms that echo the body and sexuality are in evidence in every decade of her work.

It was a treat to see her work in Mexico and be reminded that being outrageous and daring is courageous and helps us to push our boundaries and imaginations.



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