Deborah Kruger

Advice I wish I had gotten

Welcome to my video series about “Advice I wish I had gotten.”

Looking back on the last 40 years, it would have been great if someone had shared some key advice. I offer it here to you and hope that you find it helpful as you move forward in your creative life. This series has six short videos. When you subscribe to my YouTube Channel and click notifications, you will be able to access other series of helpful videos for creatives like yourself.

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#1: ART ADVICE- being true to yourself and finding balance

This video is about Art Advice and covers being true to yourself and finding balance.

  • To thine own self be true…ignore the trends
  • Your best art will be about things you already love
  • Find the balance between form and content
  • Your real career is in the studio, not out in the world

#2: ART ASSIGNMENT- a concept to stimulate creativity

This video is about the concept of Art Assignment and introduces the idea of limiting what you make in order to stimulate creativity.

  • The more you narrow your focus the more creative your work becomes
  • My experience at FIT 
  • My assignment

#3: PRACTICAL ART ADVICE- jobs, debt and room of your own

This video is about Practical Art Advice and covers being true to yourself and finding balance.

  • You’ll need a day job
  • Stay out of debt
  • You need a room of your own
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#4: TIME MANAGEMENT- how to sequence & delegate

This video is about Time Management and covers how to sequence and delegate.

  • You can do it all but just not at the same time
  • Learn about time management
  • Tim Ferris: delegate everything you can; ask and pay and trade for help – the 4 Hour Workweek

#5: PERSONAL ART ADVICE- health, hard decisions & affirmations

This video is about Personal Art Advice and covers health, making hard decisions and affirmations.

  • Lead a healthy lifestyle so you have energy for your work: exercise, rest, eat well, meditate, find balance
  • Think twice about having a family and a relationship
  • Affirmations: Never, never, never give up (Winston Churchill)
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#6: ARTIST SUPPORT- mentors, supportive people & groups

This video is about Artist Support and covers mentors, supportive people and support groups.

  • Find a mentor or two
  • Surround yourself with supportive people who understand and normalize your experience
  • Join a support group-25 yrs in mine

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