Deborah Kruger

Deborah Kruger Wins Arte Laguna Prize

And I'm a winner!

Like most artists, I spend weeks every year writing grant proposals for artists, applying for artist prizes and exhibitions, and scouting for residencies. I hate thinking about how much time this adds up to but it’s A LOT! Plus, many of these opportunities charge fees for entry. And the competition is tough. 

So imagine my surprise when I scrolled down the list of winners of the Arte Laguna Prize of Venice and saw my name as a winner in the Sculpture and Installation category!! 

The list of jurors is impressive

There were 25 winners in each category (Painting and Photography as well as Sculpture/Installation) and it is truly an international art prize. Some of the countries represented for the Sculpture prize were Taiwan, Brazil, Ukraine, Denmark, Serbia and Japan. There were only 3 winners from the US, so I was doubly amazed. 

This international art prize started in 2009 with the goal of bringing more contemporary artists to the attention of curators, museums, galleries and residencies in Italy and Europe. 

The Arte Laguna Prize is a juried competition and  this year was an impressive mix of international art professionals including the Chief Curator of the Haifa Museum of Art in Israel,  the Artistic Director of the Ural Industrial Biennial, the Curator of the Visual Arts Gallery in New Delhi, the Artistic Director of the Format International Photography Festival in the UK and from Italy, a prominent Architect and a distinguished Art Critic and Curator.

Upcoming exhibition in Venice, Italy

In addition to a cash prize, the selected winners’ artwork will be exhibited at the Arsenale Nord de Venice, a gallery in the heart of Venice, from March 11, 2023 – April 16, 2023. I must say, that is quite a way to kick off my 70th birthday on April 16, 2023! Time to brush up on some Italian.