Deborah Kruger

Strategies for combatting creative blocks

If you are feeling creatively blocked, my guess is that you are also feeling fear. I can already hear what is going on in your mind. Terrible things like: you are a fake, you don’t have what it takes, your best work is behind you. Am I right?

I have two strategies for combatting Creative Blocks. 

The first strategy is to employ the use of Affirmations. If negative thoughts pervade your mind and then it gets impossible to get anything done, you MUST train yourself to think otherwise. 

Affirmations are statements which contradict negative thoughts. They sound positive. They reverse the poisonous thinking. Here’s how they might sound:

I have great ideas and the world is waiting for them

I am blessed with abundant creativity

My best work is ahead of me

You do NOT have to believe these statements. But you should WANT to believe them. Write affirmations that are effective for you and get into the habit of saying them every day. In time, you will begin to believe them and embody them. I promise!

The second strategy is working. You’re probably thinking, wait, that’s the problem, I can’t work! Let me explain something essential and true about creativity. The more you work, the more frequently you work, the more ideas will come. 

Creativity is like a spigot. You need to turn it on and keep it on for the water to flow. Ideas give birth to more ideas. Working is very different from judging. DO NOT JUDGE your work. That is a surefire way of killing it. Set your timer for 30 minutes and sit down to write or make. Don’t get up, keep going, let it come.

Creativity is also a habit. Cultivate this habit daily if possible. Even for 15 minutes. The more you work the more the ideas will flow. I promise!

**If you are struggling with Creative Blocks, let me remind you that I offer private consultations where we can address this together deeply, effectively and confidentially.