Deborah Kruger

2024 Text & Textiles-Solo Show at Block Gallery in Raleigh, NC

Exhibition Title: TEXT & TEXTILES  About: TEXT & TEXTILES, a solo exhibition of Deborah Kruger’s environmental artwork will be on display at the Block Gallery in Raleigh, NC from October 30, 2024 – February 28, 2024 TEXT & TEXTILES focuses on Deborah Kruger’s current body of work, which is motivated by the extinction of bird […]

2024 Timeless Textiles Exhibition in Newcastle, Australia

Exhibition Title: Wings: Lanny Bergner and Friends  About: Wings: Lanny Bergner and Friends, curated by Anne Kampton, displays Bergner’s insect wing inspired sculptures accompanied by works of invited artists. Wings, Bergener’s body of work created from 2019 to 2021, comprises insect wing-like constructions from stainless steel and copper mesh that are “flame-painted” with a butane […]