Deborah Kruger

Behind the Scenes

My Travel arrangements can be a logistic nightmare!

Needless to say, the logistics of moving my artwork to an around the US + Canada is a more than a part time job!

 Fortunately, I have a talented new person on my team, Lucky, who hails from Oakland, CA, but was most recently located in Berlin, DE. Lucky is a rock star (actually, a real one!) and has oceans of admin and vocal chops. 

You can never understate the value of knowing where you are supposed to be and how you are getting there!

So … how exactly do you move a 14 foot mural??

I bet you’re wondering, how exactly do you ship a 14-foot, feathered mural? Questions like this keep me up at night! You can decide whether we are crazy or creative, but we cut Devotional up into 18 sections. Whereas the mural was built in 4 long sections, we reformatted it to 6 sections 29” wide by 7-8” high. Then we cut each long section into thirds with a zipper between each section.

Sandra Holding a section of Devotional
Devotional Diagram

A wild but elegant solution…..

Each long section of feathers hangs from grommets hidden beneath the feathers, and the best news: Sandra can fly the piece to Canada in 2 luggage size boxes. A wild but elegant solution and imminently affordable! The ongoing estimate for crating and shipping was $12,000 USD. Our costs were airfare and meals, only $600 USD (we had generous friends put her up).