Deborah Kruger

Avianto: Inaugurates new solo exhibition of Kruger at the Chapala Train Station

The dream becomes a reality...

When I first moved to Lake Chapala from Massachusetts and discovered the Train Station Museum.  I used to sit in the main entry area, usually when there was a concert, and day dream about having an exhibition there. Now, eleven years later, my dream is becoming reality.

On May 14th, my solo exhibition “Avianto”, will open to the public and if you live near Lake Chapala, I hope you will attend the opening gala at noon (details below). All of the artwork in “Avianto” celebrates the beauty of birds and the effects of climate change on migration and global bird populations.

My advocate for this show is the Train Station Museum Curator and Director, Gabriela Serrano Suzan, who reluctantly came for a studio visit last fall and promptly fell in love with my work.

It was a memorable meeting for both of us.

Deborah and Train Station Director, Gabriela Serrano Suzan

Museum Consortium of Jalisco

She is part of a larger team that form the Museum Consortium of Jalisco (Secretaría de Cultura del Gobierno del Estado de Jalisco), a group that includes fourteen museums throughout our state. This group is headed up by the visionary Curator, Miriam Villaseñor and the head of her administrative team, Gabriel de la Torre.

Together, these dynamic arts advocates have designed a traveling show for “Avianto”, that will open this fall at the Casa de la Cultura in Magdalena, and at the Museo de Sitio Juan José Arreola in Zapotlán el Grande. In 2023, the show will circle back to Guadalajara and open at the Government Palace, where dignitaries from around the world are entertained.

The Train Station built in 1920

New work debut!

My abstract artwork has evolved a great deal since my first show at the downtown Chapala Cultural Center Gallery nearly four years ago. “Avianto” will debut all new work that feature the long tail feathers made from recycled plastic that have become a signature feature of my artwork. 

The show will be spread over two art galleries at the beautiful Train Station, which is a historical landmark in Chapala.

The soaring clerestory of the Train Station will include an installation of three of my new sculptures that show the influence of traditional Mexican ceramic forms and some of my large-format bas reliefs. In the second gallery viewers can see my new collection of smaller work, framed glicee prints, my latest new direction in printmaking and also some historical work that gives a visual perspective to what I am currently making.

Next stop...Italy!

Several of the large-format abstract pieces in this show will travel to Venice next spring as part of the Laguna Arte Prize that I just won for Sculpture and Installation. So if you miss one of these shows, you can catch the work in Italy!

The exhibition will run from the opening reception on Saturday May 14th at noon until September 30th. All works are also on view at

Red Vessel, work-in-progress