Deborah Kruger

Arte Morbida hosts gallery of Kruger’s Environmental Art

The premier Italian magazine....

Arte Morbida is the premier Italian magazine about contemporary art, especially textiles and fiber art and artists. The magazine also has an extensive on-line presence @artemorbida including calls for exhibitions and other opportunities.

I was extremely fortunate to meet the magazine’s Editor, Barbara Parvan @barbarapavan469 when I was in Italy after the exhibition at @artelagunaprize in Venice. My assistant, Sandra Hernandez, and I flew out of Milan and were able to meet Barbara, who is also a prominent art curator, and installation artist @michelacavagnart for coffee. It was a lovefest! 

As a result, my abstract art made with recycled materials is now featured in a gallery on the Arte Morbida website and there is a link in my LinkTree in my Instagram Bio (@deborahkrugerstudios) so that you can see a selection of my newest artwork. I am gratified to have this visibility in an international magazine and look forward to more collaborations with Arte Morbida, Barbara Pavan and Michela Cavagna.

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