Deborah Kruger

2024 LOGOS Exhibition in Perugia, Italy

10 Fiber Artists using Text

On my way back from exhibiting in Venice last April, my assistant Sandra and I stopped in Milan to meet Curator Barbara Pavan and an Italian fiber artist Michela Cavagna. 

It was one of those memorable meetings where conversation and ideas spilled forth unabated for two straight hours. 

That connection led to an article in ArteMorbida magazine, an invitation to show in New York and now my participation in a remarkable exhibition in Perugia, Italy in the LOGOS show at SCD Studio. 

The show features work by ten fiber artists who incorporate text in their artwork. My piece, Ropa Blanca was selected for LOGOS. Ropa Blanca is part of my ongoing White series and one of my first huipil-inspired pieces. Like most of my abstract artwork, it features long tail feathers made from recycled plastic that is screen printed with images of endangered birds and endangered languages. 

It’s the incorporation of these languages which caught the curator’s eye. They include the languages of my childhood, Yiddish, Ladino, and Shorthand as well as Mayan languages from Chiapas, Mexico such as Zoque, Cho’lol and Tzotzil. The huipil is a handwoven blouse made and worn by indigenous women in Chiapas, so that seemed like a perfect pairing. 

Here’s an excerpt from the LOGOS Curator, Barbara Pavan in her curatorial statement:

“LOGOS was born from this premise, the first exhibition of a complex artistic project that explores, through art, different declinations of language and its effects, returning a series of reflections on the connection between many aspects of its being and beginning with our existence.

So, here we are around the word and its derivatives – language, text, narration, and so on – and their evocative power unfolds the path of this exhibition. Ten artists, in a conceived and imagined project like a diary, they lead the visitor into the labyrinth of interactions of which the logos is an element of inspiration or creator or product.”

LOGOS Artists

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2024 LOGOS Artists
Mara Di Giammatteo, La Parola Segreta
Laura Mega, Your Voice Matters
Paola Calcatelli, Oblivion
Mara Di Giammatteo Detail
Luciana Aironi, Ideatica
Susanna Cati, La cura del linguaggio
-Christelle Lacombe, Fiction de Letter
Magdalena Fermina, Disenkanto
Susanna Cati detail
Deborah Kruger, Ropa Blanca
Patricia Benedetta Fratus, Oratura
Sonia Piscicelli, Cringe