Corona de Plumas- Unframed


The feathers in Corona de Plumas are cut into curved forms that echo the shape of bird feathers. This piece is built in layers and resembles traditional indigenous headdresses worn in ritual ceremonies. Wrapped sticks have appeared in my work for many years and in this piece they define the center. I incorporate long tail feathers in the lower half of the piece and also use frayed sisal. The feathers are all made from recycled plastic, hand screen-printed with images of endangered birds and overprinted with text in endangered languages such as Yiddish, Shorthand, several Mayan indigenous languages and excerpts of Rachel Carson’s Silent Spring. I read this book as a young woman and it put me on the path of becoming an environmental artist.

Unframed Size: 53 x 37 x 2″

Materials: hand screen-printing on recycled plastic, hand and machine sewing, wrapping, waxed linen thread, sisal

This is a one of kind piece.  If you find that the item you want to purchase is out of stock please contact Deborah Kruger. She may be able to create a similar piece for you.

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