Black Feather Breastplate- Unframed


Black Feather Breastplate features an intricate neckpiece made with
small circular feathers, creating a contrast with the cascade of long black
tail feathers. The artist has started a new series featuring black feathers.
Black Feather Breastplate offers you a peek at this new body of work.
When you look closely, you will see that there are also red, burgundy and
gold feathers dancing through the darker feathers.

Unframed Size: 22 x 17 x 2″

Materials: hand screen-printing on recycled plastic, hand and machine sewing, cotton cord, wrapped with cotton fabric, waxed linen thread

This is a one of kind piece.  If you find that the item you want to purchase is out of stock please contact Deborah Kruger. She may be able to create a similar piece for you.

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