Feather Triangle 2

Kruger is returning to the triangle shape that she made for many years. This familiar and sensual form uses her recycled plastic tail feathers made from recycled plastic bags. Feather Triangle 2 also incorporates waxed linen thread and wire. If you look closely, you will see screen printed images of endangered birds and text in endangered languages such as Yiddish, Shorthand, numerous indigenous languages and excerpts of Rachel Carson’s Silent Spring in Spanish. All her work is inspired by how climate change is impacting wildlife, especially birds. Kruger hopes that viewers will be intrigued by the materiality and textility of her pieces and eventually become curious about the content of the work. 

Medium: screen-printing on recycled plastic bags, sewing, wrapping, waxed linen thread, stained bamboo
Size: 17 x 13 in Date: 2022