Artist Talks with Deborah Kruger about her exhibition AVIANTO

Beginning on Saturday, September 3rd, artist Deborah Kruger will offer a series of three free artists talks at the main gallery of the Train Station Museum at the Gonzalez Gallo Cultural Center.

Each Saturday at 12:30pm, Deborah will focus on a different aspect of her artwork.

Saturday- September 3-12:30pm

The first talk will center on her art practice, art philosophy and specific techniques. Although everyone is welcome, her comments will be of particular interest to artists and creatives.

Saturday- September 10-12:30pm

In this talk, Deborah will discuss the Jewish themes that run through her work. Although her work is not overtly Jewish, her cultural heritage is reflected in the content and making of her work. Everyone will find this talk of interest and being Jewish is not a requirement!

Saturday- September 17-12:30p

The third artist talk is geared for the general public and Deborah will discuss why she works with recycled plastic bags, and the environmental themes that are central to her work.

The artist welcomes questions at all of the Artist Talks. She is happy to explain aspects of the meaning and making of her work that are of interest to her audiences.

The Artist Talks will begin promptly at 12:30pm. There will be chairs available to anyone who needs them.

Gonzalez Gallo Cultural Center
González Gallo 1500, Centro, 45915 Chapala, Jal.

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