Artist Statement

The Plumage Series

Bird migration, habitat destruction and the ensuing domino effect are the subject of my new work. The work also alludes to the migration of humans, who are similarly affected by loss of habitat due to war, economics and climate change.  

The silk-screened images of endangered, recently extinct and migrating birds and related text on fused plastic bags embed a narrative that addresses the burgeoning global consumerism that contributes to the loss of bird (and human) habitat.  To emphasize my content, I also overprint text in endangered languages such as Shorthand and Yiddish, which will be lost as the last generation of speakers passes on.

Employing women from the local Mexican community to create the feathers using silk screening, a pre-technological technique (which I used extensively when I was first studied surface design) feels congruent with the consciousness I am trying to cultivate.

I continue to build abstract work with feathers, much of it inspired by murmuration, the fantastic shapes formed by the migration of starlings.